Welcome to the Discovery Award

You are now visiting the official website of the Discovery Award for the UK, incorporating The Discovery Award in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. We also have members in Australia, Canada and Malta, together making up The Discovery Award Federation.

The Discovery Award is an achievement award for all people over 50, whatever your capabilities or wherever you live. If you have any queries about whether or not you should join us, please just contact us and ask! The only criterion is that you are 50 years old or more.


The Discovery Award got its name from the wondeful old ship anchored off Discovery Point in Dundee......... Shackleton's ship of course.....THE DISCOVERY


If you have just discovered this site, please read on, you might find something of great interest to you.

The Discovery Award in England and Wales, The Discovery Award Australia and The Discovery Award Scotland and Northern Ireland and others throughout the world are all sister organisations and through, The Discovery Award Federation, work to the same aims and principles to enhance the lives of all those over 50 years and to provide the incentive, through personal challenges, to lead a happy healthy and active life in our later years.

To this end the Federation of Discovery Awards meet at least once per year to ensure that the Award is administered in the same manner throughout those countries partaking of The Discovery Award.

The Award is aimed at all people over 50 year of age to help promote an active and healthy life style by offering challenges to both stimulate and motivate. The Discovery Award is a personal challenge, through a programme of your chosen leisure activities with no exam at the end. You need no special qualifications, just a willingness to have a go AND THE DETERMINATION TO DO THE VERY BEST THAT YOU CAN DO!

Over 50?

Take up The Discovery Award  Challenge

More and more people are accepting the challenge- an exciting and rewarding adventure for anyone over 50, regardless of state of health or ability!

The Challenge is to discover;

        new strengths and hidden talents

        new interests

        new life in old interests

        new and interesting people

        the satisfaction of something for others as well as self and

        the joy of unexpected achievement

What are the main features of the Discovery Award?

It is non competitive, you progress at your own pace and within your own capabilities, whilst having fun and enjoying yourself at the same time.

There are three levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold - each with an agreed time span and leading to its own certificate and badge.

Each level has four sections;

    Service in the Community

    Recreational pursuit

    Hobby or Interest

   Journey of Discovery (which need not be a physical journey)

What will it cost? 

The annual fee at present is £7.00 , but new members joining will be asked to pay £11.00  to include the membership fee, a Bronze Record Book, Handbook and postage and packing. The annual subscription fee is renewable each August.

Other costs depend on whether you are part of a group or work alone and the activities that you choose for your challenges. These may or may not incur a cost. Award materials such as record books, badges and certificates are relatively modest in price and a price list will be sent to you with your starter pack.

Does this sound like you?

Then discover more about us!

Hope to hear from you soon