Federation Meeting

       The last face to face Federation meeting was held in Dalkeith in May 2014. The agenda was very short with the main items under discussion being that of the annual fees and costs of materials. It was agreed that as from this year each Annual gathering would be advertised in the Newsletter and all members from either Scotland or England are welcome to ask the appropriate organisers for an application form to attend, this will avoid some of the costs in admin for these events. (This has in fact always been the case). Also, future Federation meetings will be conducted electronically to further cut down on each Organisations expenses, by Skype or e-mail.           Taking into account that both Association's finances are fairly satisfactory it was agreed that all fees and costs should remain at the current level for the following year, that being 2015 - 2016.  

With a view to re-organising our membership files and to enable us to keep up to date records for all our members, it is important that we have full details of all members on their enrolment to The Discovery Award. To this end Bronze records books and Starter packs will only be available to new members after receipt of an application form and the correct fee for the year. The Bronze record book will be removed from the order form.

    The next committee meeting has been arranged for Monday 25th April and will be held at our venue in Dunkirk, Nottingham

   If there is anything that you wish discussed at that meeting please write to the Chairperson or even better come to the meeting and discuss it with us face to face. You can e-mail us via the contact page or use                                admin@discoveryaward.org.uk

     Our next Annual gathering will be held in Nottingham at The Old School House on Saturday10th September from 9.30am so watch this space! There will be more info in the Summer Newsletter.

We really do need more help on YOUR  committee, if you can help and  have some special skills, we would like to hear from you. Want to meet us first, please come along to a meeting and find out about us. Your travelling expenses, of course, be paid. Similarly if you have anything that you would like discussed please send your comments/ideas to the Committee c/o the office in Nottingham a few days before, or better still bring them along to the meeting.

 Dates for Committee Meetings for this year are:

  April 25th, June 27th, September10th/Business meeting, November 28th

  NB  these dates may be subject to alteration so please check if you wish to  attend on any of the dates above.

  Your latest Newsletter should be with you by now, if you haven't  received   it, please get in touch!