Our Annual Gathering for this year takes place in Nottingham at our HQ on Saturday 10th September with sign in and registration from 10.00 am. If you intend to be there, please apply at the latest by 1st September so that our caterers can be sure of numbers for lunch. We hope to see you there!

        The Annual Gathering for 2015 took place in Stafford on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th September. We all had a super get together and our grateful thanks go to Mary and her team. They really did us proud. They found us some superb Speakers who each kept us enthralled, and as for the catering.... sublime! 

10 of our members who had completed their Gold Awards during the  year were with us in Stafford and we had the pleasure of hearing their accounts of their challenges to achieve the highest award. They are listed below. 

        Gold Certificate recipients at Stafford 2015


    Gillian Bull                                  Virginia Water

    Jane Sowter                               Nottingham

    Mary Bull                                    Stafford

    Hazel Berrisford                         Stafford

    Olive Leonard                             West Sussex

    Helen Pemberton                       Stoke

    Pam Hazell                                 East Sussex

    Rosemary Astbury                     Trentham

    Brian Astbury                             Trentham

    Barbara Bourne                          Stone



          Renewal notices for members went out in early August, so a big thank you to all of you who returned their renewals swiftly. Gold Holders renewals will be sent out very shortly. As we don't usually send reminders, if you haven't received a form please ask for another or print one off from this web site. The winter Newsletter will be with you shortly, and if you have not renewed your membership, it may be the last mailing you receive from us.

     If you would rather receive it via e-mail, please let us know as this will help to reduce our overhead costs!

As you know, we do not have a telephone number for the office but you can always get in touch via our email address or the contact us page on this web site. You will be contacted as soon as possible. We are a membership organisation and run entirely by volunteers, so please be patient, orders may take up to 2 weeks to arrive with you.  

       Because your organisation is run by members for members on a voluntary basis  we do need your help from time to time. So if you have particular skills or ideas to bring to YOUR organisation, please consider helping on the committee, either by joining us or on an ad hoc basis. If you would like to know more about us, just ask, but we do need help. If you or you know someone in your group who might be able to help us, just come and talk to us, first, all expenses paid. However, it is preferred that only one person in a group is put forward for the committee in line with the Federation of Discovery Award's constitution, although exceptions can be made.